Partial and Final Payment Audits, Internal Project Audits

MTACC- MTA Capital Construction East Side Access Project

East Side Access project being undertaken by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) in New York City. cost $10.178 billion.

The Israel National Road and Traffic Infrastructure Company Ltd

Audits for dozens of partial and final payments for infrastructure and development projects totaling half a billion dollars between the years 2012-2017

The Tel Aviv Municipality, Jerusalem, Bat Yam, Ashdod etc.

Internal Auditing and monitoring reviews for these municipalities between the years 2011-2017

Pre-Construction bids Reviews

cooperation with a large accounting firm

Audit four residential and commercial projects in NYC for a total value of $1.5 billion, for a major NYC developer in the years 2015.

Ministry of Building and Housing

Monitoring infrastructure and development bids for all the districts, Southern and Central Regions in the total of one billion dollar between the years 2009-2017

Moriah, the Company for the Development of Jerusalem.

Audits on dozens of Infrastructure and development bids, in the total of one billion dollar between the years 2014-2017.


The Municipality of Tel-Aviv, the Municipality of Ashdod, the Municipality of Bat-Yam

Project Managements

Best Market Bay Shore Long Islan New York

Bay Shore project, store, warehouse, offices 20 million dollar project 2016-2017

he Israel National Road Company

Road Number 65

The Municipality of Tel-Aviv

Ezra and Bitzaron

The Postal Authorities

The construction of the central Post Office in Ramle

Meuhedet Sick Fund

Clinic construction supervision all over the country

Ministry of Defense

Management and coordination of tens of projects between the years 2003-2014

Expert opinion and Engineering Arbitration

Gedera city & contractor dispute

An agreed expert between the parties in court. 1.5 milion dollar dispute 2015-2016.

Petah Tikva city & contractor disputeg

An agreed expert between the parties in court. 2.5 million dollar dispute 2012-2013

Beer Sheva city & contractor dispute

An expert behalf of the city in an arbitration. 8 million dollar dispute 2014-2016

Natural Gas Authority, Ministry of Finance

A monthly engineering review on the implementation of the natural gas project in the years 2006-2007


An Expert opinion on conduct and implementation of a large construction project in 2009